What is Apocalypse Frenzy?

ProphetApocalypse Frenzy is a card game for 2-4 players where you have to find out who is trying to protect the Earth and who is trying to destroy it. You take the role of an alien or human character, together with the alignment of Protector or Destroyer. By playing cards and completing your mission you try to win the game.Cyclops2

Each card is worth points, but the points differ depending on your alignment. If you see someone play a card that is worth a lot of points as a Destroyer, this might indicate that that player is trying to destroy the world. Use this to find out the other player’s motives! However, cards will almost always have benefits for both alignments, so finding out who is who is not that easy. The character’s missions usually involve playing certain cards to destroy the world, or get rid of cards to protect the world.

Catnian2Not all cards can be played by all players: you have to collect cards of your own colour. The exception are action cards, which can help you find certain cards you need or annoy other players. Besides that, you can get rid of cards of different colours and get cards of your own colour by trading. Be careful though: anyone can lie about the cards they trade, and no one can be trusted!

Below you can find a short description of the current characters in the game. In the next blog post I will give some more details about the characters, as well as a peek at one of the characters that might appear in a future expansion of the game. Stay tuned!actionshot5


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