Apocalypse Frenzy: the characters

In Apocalypse Frenzy, every player is given the role of one alien or human character. Currently there is 1 human character and there are 3 alien characters, with more characters coming up in future expansions.

Since every player takes the role of a Protector or a Destroyer, the characters all have a motivation to either protect or destroy the world. Only at the end of the game you will be certain of a player’s true motives. This post shows the character backgrounds, with a mix of originality and old clichés.


Catnian2The Catnians are an alien race that can be considered the predecessors of the cats on Earth. All cats are their children, and the Catnians have come back to protect them. It is said that they are the only creatures in the whole universe who fully understand cats. Having no humans on their home planet, these creatures were the smartest ones and have developed a society and level of technology that surpasses that of Earth. In Apocalypse Frenzy, the player with this character will play cards like Catnip Plantation and Satellite Scratchpost to gather points for the Catnians.

After hearing about the events on Earth, the Catnians decided to send an escort to Earth to protect the planet and the cats that live on it. However, they could not agree on one thing: what to do with the humans. This has caused the group of Catnians to split in two parties: the Empire and the Rebels, and the Catnian Commander belongs to one of these groups.

The Catnian Imperial Commander thinks the housecats on Earth are being Mission_Catnianoppressed by the humans. The descendants of the Catnians need to be protected at all costs, and they should rule over humans, not the other way around! The Catnian Imperial Commander is a Destroyer, and tries to unite the housecats and let cats take over the world and destroy humanity. For this you will need to make the housecats sentient and united by playing cards like Sentient Signal and The Big Red Dot, a huge laser that attracts all cats on Earth to the same laser point.

The Catnian Rebel Commander wants to protect humans and cats alike. With other groups trying to destroy the world, the home planet of the cats needs their help. Plus, the humans have always taken care of the house cats, giving them shelter and food, and contrary to what the Empire thinks, the housecats are already in charge of the humans. It seems the humans are the slaves of the housecats, and it is in their best interesting to keep this relationship between species intact. The Catnian Rebel Commander is a Protector, and tries to protect the Earth and her inhabitants against those who want to destroy this relationship.

Both the Empire and the Rebels have heard rumours about HarryTheFirstCatnianone of the Catnians being on Earth since the dawn of mankind. The Catnians were once immortal, but nowadays they only have 9 lives. This first Catnian, who goes by the name of Harry, has been living among the house cats for thousands of years, living in the same house as several great names like Tutankhamun and Napoleon. He possesses the secret of immortality, and is represented as one valuable card in the game that you will need to find to succeed!


Cyclops2The Cyclops are an alien race that are far ahead in technology when compared to Earth. They have evolved very differently: while humans invent and discover through their curious nature, everything in the mind of the Cyclops revolves around colour and shape. The Cyclops can’t help it: they need to change the things around them so that they have the ‘right’ colour and shape in their mind. While this might seem curious to us humans, Cyclops see the slow progress of the humans as a lack of motivation to create the newest fashion trends. Need to make something black? Just invent fire, and burn it. Need to change the shape of something? Basic tools will do the job. Fast forward this thousands of years and you get a highly developed race that determines the latest trends throughout the galaxy, while looking fabulous. In Apocalypse Frenzy, the player that controls this character will play cards like Colour Academy and Alternative Energy Source to gather points.

While in these days there is often consensus between different Cyclops on what the shape and colour of an object should be, this is not always the case. Especially after discovering Earth, a heated discussion arose on the right colour scheme of the solar system. Two factions have emerged, and one of them has sent a group to Earth to enforce their beliefs.

The Progressive Interstellar Designer is a Cyclops faction that beliefs the Mission_Cyclopsbest colour combination in the solar system is one where the Earth is completely orange. For this purpose, they aim to cover the blue and green planet with lava. The Cyclops have perfected the technology of terraforming: changing the properties of a planet. Playing cards like Lava Generator and Extreme Terraform App will help the player achieve the goal of the Cyclops Destroyer.

The Conservative Interstellar Designer is a Cyclops faction that has studied the behaviour of humans for quite some time. They have noticed the way the humans are adapting their planet, and they believe that the planet is being changed to the right shape and colour. Letting the humans continue their work will bring the right colour balance in the solar system. For this reason, the Cyclops Protector has decided to protect the Earth and humanity against any possible Destroyers.

Although the two Cyclops factions disagree on this important aspect, they both CheeseGeneratorbelieve the colour combinations in the solar system can be greatly enhanced by putting a new yellow planet next to Earth. A planet made of cheese would do the job. The terraforming abilities of the Cyclops and the corresponding cards (like Cheese Generator) will make this possible: collect the right cards to build a cheese planet and gain extra points!


ProphetThe Prophet is a shabby old man in rags who believes the end of the world is coming, and aliens are responsible. Of course, no one on Earth takes him seriously, so the player who controls this character will play cards like Interview, Blog, and Warning Signal to warn the people of Earth about the upcoming doom. The Prophet is a human, unable to destroy the world by himself, but he has some other powers up his sleeve like the gift of foresight. During the game, the Prophet has to make a prediction on which character he thinks is the Destroyer that humanity should worry about. But what he does with this prediction, depends on the type of Prophet he actually is.

The Mad Prophet wants nothing more than being correct about the fate of the Earth. The Prophet has done many similar predictions before, and they never came out, so this time he has to get it right. If he says aliens are going to destroy the world and life as we know it, then it must be so. After making a prediction on who he thinks is going to destroy the world, as a Destroyer the Mad Prophet will try to help that character destroy the world by, for example, sharing the cards they need.

The Concerned Prophet is actually worried about the fate of the world. His Interviewmotives of using mass media and other ways to influence people are pure. After making a prediction on who he thinks is going to destroy the world, as a Protector the Concerned Prophet will do everything in his power to stop that character from obtaining his goal. Cards like Precognition will certainly help him with this.

Even the Concerned Prophet wants to be right about something: if the character he warns Earth about is not a Destroyer, then he has partly failed his mission. So as a Prophet you will always want to take a close look at what the other players in the game are doing, to determine which of them is a potential Destroyer. Since it is possible that there are no destroyers in the game, or that only the Prophet himself is a Destroyer, one powerful card called Specialist in Alien Languages will convince another character to switch alignments. This will change them from Protector to Destroyer or the other way around. Yes, the Prophet can be a very persuasive person.



The Shapeshifter is a unique type of alien, a little monster that can copy any object or creature it sees and change its own appearance accordingly. It has travelled to Earth to look for new things to copy and to eat. Each time it copies something it grows stronger and bigger. In Apocalypse Frenzy, the player that controls this character will play cards that actually belong to other players, copying their value and abilities.

The Hungry Shapeshifter came to Earth on an empty stomach. Everytime it copies something, it grows bigger and stronger, but also more hungry. Eventually it will be so big and so hungry that it can eat a whole planet. They say that planet Earth is healthy and full of nutrients…

The Ambitious Shapeshifter is satisfied with copying things. It’s his way of life, and not only does it give him pleasure, it also gives him knowledge. His visit to Earth has opened his eyes: these humans must be the most creative beings he has ever seen. They make so much stuff, and so many beautiful and interesting things. But if these Destroyers get their way, his joy won’t last for long. He will do his best to prevent the world from being destroyed.

Both the Hungry and the Ambitious Shapeshifter know that the different aliens have their own advantages and disadvantages. Copying something from all of them will definitely make him stronger. This will be his side mission, and to help him out he has the special power to play cards that belong to other players.


PiraptileCaptainIn future game expansions, more than four players will be able to play due to extra characters and cards. One of the extra characters will be the Piraptile Captain. The swampy Piraptile home planet was infested with monsters of all shapes and sizes, much like Earth at the time of the dinosaurs. These monsters, though, were sentient beings with many different powers. At some point the humans accidentally destroyed the Piraptile home planet by letting one of their space probes collide with an asteroid, which collided with a bigger asteroid, which then collided with the planet. Luckily, some of the biggest monsters were  capable of living and flying in space, and they have acted as spaceships for the other Piraptiles.

From their monster spaceships, the Piraptiles plunder any minor planet or spaceship they encounter while wandering through space. They have become a very successful and feared group of space pirates, and now they are heading for Earth! Will they enact revenge, or do they come in peace after all their successful travels?


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