Completing puzzles to destroy the world

In the previous blog I explained how I listened to feedback from people who tested Apocalypse Frenzy to keep improving the game. This lead to a great new feature: completing puzzles. Some of the cards in the game will have a puzzle piece in the corner, and if you collect them all and complete the puzzle you will destroy the world!

Now it’s easier to see who is close to completing their mission, if they are a destroyer. As an example, the Catnian Commander needs the following cards to let cats take over the world:

  • Broadcast Tower
  • Sentience Signal
  • Mass Earchip Implantation
  • The Big Red Dot
  • 3x Housecat

So if the Catnian has all of these cards except for ‘The Big Red Dot’, there will be a gap in his puzzle and you know to pay extra attention to this player, because if he’s a Destroyer there’s a good chance he is close to winning the game! Before, there was only this list so people who didn’t know the list would be surprised when someone suddenly won the game. Improving the game this way is a great example of the help of other people in the development process.

Since improvement is always possible: if you want to help me developing this game like other people did, just send an e-mail to or leave a comment!


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