What is Kickstarter? and some more questions

At the moment you should see a big banner on the top of this site with ’28 Oct. 2016 on Kickstarter!’ So what does this mean?

What’s Kickstarter?


Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platformkickstarter-logo-dark for creative projects like music, books, gadgets and games. During a Kickstarter campaign, an artist or designer triest to attract backers who will pledge their support to the project. The backers will be involved in the project and can look behind the scenes how the product is being created, and they will usually receive a copy of the product if the campaign is successful. I will take my game Apocalypse Frenzy as an example.

toolsofmassproduction.pngLet’s say I want to create 50 copies of Apocalypse Frenzy but I don’t have the funds to manufacture all of them in the hope to sell them later. If I run a successful Kickstarter, 50 people or more will say ‘I want a copy of the game’ and they will pledge, say, 20€ each. After the campaign, all of these people pay their 20€ to me (of which 10% goes to Kickstarter and creditcard costs) and then I have enough funds to manufacture the game and give all these people a copy. If I was unsuccesful and only five people said that they want a copy of the game for example, then they do not pay anything since the goal was not reached, I don’t get the money to manufacture the game, and these people do not receive a copy. So nothing happens in that case. Kickstarter provides a low-risk way (for the creator and for the backers) to invest in a project: you only pay if there are enough other people who will pay, else nothing happens.

Besides paying for a game, it is possible to support the designer in different ways. More on that below.

So how can I help?

If you would like to support this project, there are a few things you can do to help.

  • Wait for the Kickstarter and pledge enough to receive a copy of the game (will be around 20€). As explained above, you won’t actually pay anything until there is a certainty that the project is successful.
  • Wait for the Kickstarter and pledge any amount starting from 1€. This will allow you to stay up to date about the game and see updates that only you and other backers will see.
  • Like our facebook page.
  • Think of someone who would like this game (someone who likes card games, cats, aliens, bluffing, science-fiction, etc.) and tell them about it! You can link to this site or our facebook page, and you can use anything in the ‘media’ section above to give an impression. Or just let me know if someone is interested. Besides, all blog posts on this site have a share button.
  • Talk to me about this project! Especialistinalienlanguages.pngven if it’s something you don’t like, it would help me a lot if you would let me know, as any feedback (positive or negative) is
    greatly appreciated. And I’ve learned a lot of new things during this project, so maybe I can help you too with something you need, just ask!

Creditcards? What are those?

I’ve mentioned creditcards somewhere in this blog. Kickstarter is based on creditcards, while many Dutch people never use them. This is no problem, there are multiple ways to circumvent this, although if you would decide to support this project financially (even if just for 1 euro) I recommend you get a creditcard. It might be useful for you in the future for booking a hotel abroad for example.

One way is to use a third-party creditcard: I’ve heard good stories about 3vcard, though I’ve never used them myself and they are switching to a different system. Another option would be to just contact me so you can pay with something more common for Dutch people (like internetbankieren), and then I will do everything Kickstarter related for you. The disadvantage of this would be that you do not receive updates from Kickstarter about the project, and you probably feel less involved, while one of the reasons to use Kickstarter is to get involved in the creative projects.

A last option is to just forget about the money and share your enthousiasm by one of the other ways mentioned above after ‘So how can I help?’. Letting enough people know about this project, and especially the right people, is my major challenge: if there are not enough people interested, the project will fail. And to me, connecting with the (right) people is way more valuable than money.

Will you make money out of this project?

Probably not.

Can you elaborate?

Well, creating anything in small quantities is expensive. If there were 1000 people flyingmoney.pnginterested in my game, which I don’t expect since you won’t see an Apocalypse Frenzy commercial on television or in newspapers, then I could mass-manufacture my game in China for a few euros while I sold them for 20 a piece. As it is now, I will probably be using a more expensive manufacturer for lower quantities and try to break even. This is without taking into account everything I spent on this game already (prototypes, going to board game conventions, etc.). But my goal is not to make money, my goal is to get this game out there to those who are interested, and to experience what it’s like to let an idea come to life in the form of a physical product. I’ve been doing things I’ve never done before, met hundreds of amazing new people, so whatever will happen with this campaign, it will be worth it!



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