Kickstarter Preview 1: Dad mostly loses

The first preview for Apocalypse Frenzy has been put online! CLICK HERE FOR THE PREVIEW

‘Dad mostly loses’ is a review blog by a father and son who play all kinds of games together, and where the son usually wins. They described a game session of Apocalypse Frenzy where you can clearly see how the son tried to outwit his father. If you want to know if he succeeded, you should read the link above!

Some quotes:


“I love the role cards. I know this seems like a simple card and an odd pick but in most games i see these days when your picking hidden roles it’s to stop group missions or group goals. This is hidden to try to outwit, which i like a lot.”

“I really like the win condition of the protector to run out the deck. I have never seen that before in a game. The cartoon style of the art on the cards is great and i like the end of the world theme. don’t tell mom i said that.”

More previews are yet to come! Stay tuned for more updates…


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