Kickstarter preview 2: Geeky Hobbies

Another preview for Apocalyplse Freny is now online! CLICK HERE FOR THE PREVIEW

This board game reviewer actually managed to play the game in black & white. For a card game where colour is a key factor, this is quite an achievement. I conclude from this that the game is well designed to be playable by colour-blind people, where the previous preview showed that the game is fit for kids of 12+ years.



Some quotes:

I give the game a lot of credit for making the game as easy as possible to play. For the missions that require a player to play certain cards, the necessary cards have symbols printed on the sides of them that create a picture when you play them next to one another. You can then just look for those symbols on the sides of the cards to see which cards you still need to complete the mission.

I like the premise behind the game. I like the fact that the game combines elements from traditional card games with roles and allegiances. I had fun with the game.


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