Why I postponed my Kickstarter for 3 days

Those of you who pay very close attention to this site might have noticed that a different date for the Kickstarter launch can be found at the top. That’s right, Apocalypse Frenzy’s Kickstarter will launch on Monday, October 31st, instead of the 28th. It’s not that I am not ready, but Kickstarter statistics show that launching on a Friday (but especially Saturday) is a bad idea. To understand why, you need to understand what it takes to get a successful Kickstarter campaign.

  1. You need people who support you. You need the support from these people at the beginning of the campaign.
  2. You need a good campaign page. Videos, images, opinions from independent reviewers, good rewards, etc. A campaign page that shows that you know what you’re doing, and that convinces people to support your campaign.
  3. If you did steps 1 and 2 correctly, people will be convinced by the quality of the campaign and by the people who already support you. If either is lacking, the campaign will fail.

Now, point 1 is the reason why launching on a Friday is a bad idea. If the early supporters (friends, family, etc.) are helping out on a Friday, the effect will be visible in the weekend. In the weekend, the campaign page will show that it’s well on its way to reach its funding target. However, in the weekend, people who are reguarly on Kickstarter are not behind their computer! They are out for the weekend. And family/friends are not enough to get a good start: they are the first step, but the second step should be friends of friends, family of family, and people who are used to Kickstarter. These people won’t be online in the weekend.

So instead, let’s try to predict what will happen on Monday. Assuming enough of my friends and family and other supporters who know about the game help me out on Monday, then on the following days the news will spread to friends of friends, family of family, and people who browse Kickstarter. These people might hear about the game on Tuesday or Wednesday, and they will see a campaign that is being supported by others. This builds trust. And when these people start to support the campaign, another group of people can be reached: friends of friends of friends, family of friends of friends, etc. This will then hopefully go on until the weekend, when the pace will slow down again. But by that time, the campaign should be well on its way of reaching its goal.

No matter what day the campaign launches though, one thing is certain: the help of early supporters is crucial. So if you want to help out, please be ready to back the game or spread the word or both on Monday, October 31st!



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