How to make a 3d box in Photoshop

This is a simple tutorial for making a 3d box in Photoshop (version 2015).

Final result

Follow these easy steps with your own images to make your own 3d box!

Start a new photoshop project. The dimensions I used are 1024 by 576 pixels (these are the dimensions of a Kickstarter project image).
Add a new layer with shift+ctrl+n or layer->new->layer. Name it 3dBox.
Go to 3D -> New Mesh from Layer -> Mesh Preset -> Cube.
Click on 3D (if it’s not visible, enable it in Window first) and select the Cube.
Now we will change the dimensions of the cube to a game box. Scale along the x-axis (there’s a scale, move and rotate button for each dimension). I used 0.9 inch in this example, which is 10 times smaller than a real game box.
We also need to change the height, so scale among the y-axis. I used 0.67 inch.
The Cube also has a depth. To see this, orbit the camera. If you don’t see any camera buttons, press V or make sure that the Move tool is selected.
Now we can scale among the z-axis to change the thickness of the box. I used 0.12 inch.
Use all three camera buttons to get the perfect angle for the box. Again, press V if you don’t see these buttons.
Move on y-axis to get the box closer to the ground. There also exists an option to move the box exactly to the ground, but in this example the box will float a bit.
Now it’s time to get the right image on the box! Click Front_Material, then in the Properties section click on the button next to Diffuse, then click Replace Texture. Choose the image of the box top. Make sure it has the title of your game/product on it!
We do the same for the side of the box (if you don’t see the side, move the camera a bit). You can also do the other side and the back and bottom if you want, but in this example this is not necessary.
To add a reflection of the box on the surface, select Environment in the 3D tab, then in the Properties tab go to Reflections and put the Opacity to 100% and the Roughness to a low number like 2%.
You can see the results by going to the layers tab and selecting some other layer than the box layer. Add a background and some text or logos and you’re done!

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