How to make an animated character in Photoshop

This is a simple tutorial for making an animated character in Adobe Photoshop (version 2015), like the blinking space cat alien I used on my Kickstarter page:



Follow these easy steps and try to make your own animation!

Open a new photoshop project. The dimensions I used are 88,39 by 35,31mm.
Copy and paste the awesome character you received from your awesome illustrator. Call the layer ‘Frame1’.
Duplicate the layer and edit the image such that the eyes are slightly more closed. This does not need to be perfect in this case, since eye blinking is a fast animation, but for slower and more precise animation make sure it looks good. Call the new layer ‘Frame2’.
Duplicate the layer and edit the image so that the eyes are even more closed. Rename the layer.
Duplicate the layer and edit the image such that the eyes are completely closed and rename the layer. In this case, 4 frames were enough, but you might need more than 4 frames for a more precise animation.
Now that we have all the frames we need, let’s start animating! You will need to use the timeline tool. If you don’t see it, turn it on in Window -> Timeline.
Click ‘Create Frame Animation’.
Click the icon on the top right of the timeline window, then ‘Make Frames from Layers’.
Delete the first frame.
Change the loop to ‘Forever’.
Select all 4 frames with the shift key, then click ‘Duplicate selected frames’.
Make sure the last 4 frames are selected, then click ‘Reverse Frames’.
Select all frames, click the arrow next to the ‘0 sec’, then choose ‘Other’ and fill in 0,01 seconds or something similar.
Select only the first frame and change the time to 1 second.
Play the animation to see if it’s okay.
If it’s okay, let’s go on! Choose File -> Export -> Save for Web (Legacy).
Usually the standard settings are okay so just save.
Open the saved file with any internet browser to see the result!
Here’s our result! If the result is too slow, decrease the times of the frames. If it is still too slow, try the video timeline instead of frame animation and play around with that tool. That’s what I used for the header on top of this page. Good luck with your project!

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